SPG 2月1日-4月30日 定向促销 住2送2


在刚刚增强了Q1的take two促销之后,SPG按惯例也开始了新一轮的“targeted promo”,住二送二。


需要在16年3月31日前注册,  在2月1日到4月30日之间完成一次有效入住,即可获得一张C5的房券,最多可以获得两张。




Book and complete a stay through SPG® and earn one (1) Free Night Award; book and complete two stays and earn two (2) Free Night Awards.

Eligible member must register online at spg.com/newmemberexclusiveby March 31, 2016, 11:59 p.m. EDT. Members can earn one (1) Free Night Award after they book and complete one (1) eligible stay through SPG and one (1) Free Night Award after they book and complete their second eligible stay through SPG. Members may earn a maximum of two (2) Free Night Awards from February 1, 2016 through April 30, 2016 (the “promotion period”). This promotion is not transferable. Bookings made prior to the promotion period are eligible, but only eligible stays consumed during the promotion period will earn a bonus.

For this promotion, an eligible stay is a stay with at least 1 eligible paid night at any of the over 1,200 participating Starwood hotels and resorts paying an eligible paid rate during the promotion period that was booked through SPG. An eligible rate is any rate that is eligible to earn Starpoints® in the Starwood Preferred Guest® program. Free Night Awards and Cash & Points Award nights are not eligible toward promotional Starpoints earnings. A listing of SPG-participating hotels and resorts and a description of eligible stays and eligible rates can be found at spg.com under the program terms and conditions. See Section 1.4 for the complete definition of eligible rates, but note that certain prepaid rooms where the booking is made through a third party are not eligible rates and do not earn Starpoints or qualify toward promotional earnings.

Free Night Awards will be credited to the member’s account within 2–4 weeks of the stay posting to the member’s Starwood Preferred Guest account. Free Night Awards can be redeemed for any Starwood Category 1–5 hotels or resorts for a standard room for any night of the week. Free Night Awards must be redeemed for stays consumed by August 31, 2016. Members should call SPG customer service and mention Award ID WW5FN to redeem. Awards are not transferable and may not be redeemed for cash or Starpoints. Unused Awards will be forfeited. Free Night Award stay(s) and night(s) will count toward elite-earning qualification. Free Night Award(s) are combinable and may be added to existing paid or Award stays.

This promotion may be combined with other Starpoints or Free Night promotions in market during the same time; however, earnings are exclusive of each other.


重要的内容在term里已经用橙色标记出来了。这次的这个“惯例”促销几乎每年都会有,而且每年都是定向的,如果你没有那呵呵就好(作为老用户的我也是不会被targeted到这种好offer的,感谢网友Carl提供datapoint和截图);如果有被targeted到的话,一定要去刷房,有刚需当然是更好了,毕竟送的是C1-C5的房卷,大概一张房卷至少在200刀以上,C5通常需要12000-16000点数,而SPG点数的价值是2.5 cent以上,所以一张卷的价值大概在300-400刀。Category 5的酒店list见这里

如惯例,eligible stay是指在官方渠道花钱订的房,且是能够累积SPG积分的rate,通过第三方OTA是不行的,重要的事情说三遍,大型连锁一定通过官方渠道订房,大型连锁一定通过官方渠道订房,大型连锁一定通过官方渠道订房

这次活动送的房券发放之后需要在今年8月31日之前使用并且换的免费房晚也必须在这个时间之前入住;这个房券可以单独订房也可以和现金订房/点数订房相结合,但无论是哪种方式都需要致电SPG,并提供award ID“WW5FN”进行预订。