【Expires on 1/21】去4S店试驾现代(Hyundai)汽车,得$50礼品卡




即日起只需前往全美 现代汽车 4S店并试驾新款 现代汽车,你将可以得到$50礼品卡(亚马逊、Target,Visa Gift Card Virtual Gift Card任选其一)


  • 进入现代汽车美国官网:https://www.hyundaiusa.com,你可能会看到以下界面弹出。请不要管它,点击关闭($25刀我不要!)。


  • 在右上角选择Find a Dealer


  • 选择离你所在地较近的一家4S店,点击view inventory,会出现以下界面(如果不出现,再选择别家),选择一种礼品卡(Amazon, Target, Visa Virtual Gift Card),并且填写个人信息:


  • 填完之后会出现这样一个电子coupon,左侧有一个code加条形码。你可以选择打印,也可以加这个coupon以短信形式发到你的手机。同时,你填写的邮箱中也会收到一封coupon邮件。


  • 拿着这个coupon在2017年1月21日前前往coupon上你自己选择的4S门店,试驾完毕现代汽车后,Dealer将会将你的个人信息录入系统,你将会得到礼品卡,礼品卡将以电子邮件形式发送到你的邮箱,你可以前往www.mygiftcardstatus.com查询你的礼品卡发送状态。


  • Information submitted for your coupon must match that of the Driver’s License provided for the Test Drive.
  • Limit 1 coupon redemption per household per 6 months. 每个家庭六个月只能使用一次coupon
  • Coupon can only be redeemed at the dealership location reflecting the website where the offer was presented online.
  • Earn coupon may only be redeemed 1 time.
  • Dealership employees and people covered under an employee purchase plan and their family members are not eligible.
  • Must be 18 or older and present a valid U.S. Driver’s License to qualify.
  • Shipping of Reward Card available to U.S. addresses only.
  • Must allow 3-5 business days from the time of your visit for the dealership to redeem your coupon. 你将于3-5个工作日收到你的礼品卡。
  • For virtual rewards, check your inbox and spam folder for a reward confirmation email from donotreply@incentivesnetwork.net.
  • For shipped rewards, allow 2-3 weeks for your gift card to be delivered once redeemed.