【Expires on 4/15】使用Chase Marriott Rewards® Credit Card在星巴克网站或者使用APP充值九折优惠



使用Chase Marriott Rewards® Credit Card 给你的星巴克账户在线或者app充值,将会得到10%优惠。此10%的优惠将会以statement credit 的形式返还到你的 Chase Marriott Rewards® Credit Card 信用卡账户中。最高返还$100,也就是你可以充值$1000。请注意交易时间必须是在活动期间。返还的statement credit 将于4至6周之内打入你的信用卡账户。






This rewards offer is targeted to the account number referenced and is non-transferable to any other Chase Bank USA, N.A. customer or card account. Promotional credit will be awarded in the form of a statement credit to your Chase Bank USA, N.A. Visa card account referenced. Chase Bank USA, N.A. offers are not cumulative and one statement credit award can be earned for each qualifying purchase made during the promotion period. Statement credit awards are limited to $100 during the promotion period. For this promotion, Qualifying Purchases are defined as purchase transactions made in the United States using your eligible Chase Bank USA, N.A. Visa card account. To qualify, the transactions must: (i) be completed using the full Chase Bank USA, N.A. Visa 16-digit card number referenced; (ii) be identified as Qualifying Purchases, based on the information available on Visa’s proprietary network (VisaNet); and (iii) post to the Chase Bank USA, N.A. Visa card account referenced during the Promotion period. Your Chase Bank USA, N.A. Visa card account must be open and not in default in order to receive the statement credit. This rewards offer is valid in the United States.
Please allow for 4-6 weeks after making a qualifying purchase to receive your credit.

Chase Bank USA, N.A. is not responsible for offer fulfillment or the provision of or failure to provide the stated benefits and services.


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