【Expires on 12/31】凯悦向凯悦信用卡持卡者开放会员挑战!四个月住20晚拿顶级会员!



Hyatt已经调整了自己的精英计划World of Hyatt,以往需要在每个日历年住满30晚才能获得顶级环球客会员。

今天,Hyatt向Chase Hyatt信用卡持有者推出了重磅福利。




https://world.hyatt.com/content/gp/en/chasequickqualify.html (所有持有Chase Hyatt信用卡的持卡者都可以注册参加此次活动)


  • Discoverist精英等级,住满10晚,获得2019年2月过期的Explorist精英等级,住满20晚,获得带2019年2月过期的Globalist精英等级。
  • Explorist精英等级(2018年2月过期),住满10晚,获得到2019年2月过期的Explorist精英等级,住满20晚,获得2019年2月过期的Globalist精英等级。
  • Explorist精英等级(2019年2月及以后过期)住满20晚,获得到2019年2月过期的Globalist精英等级。
  • Globalist精英等级(2019年2月及以后过期)住满20晚,获得到2019年2月过期的Globalist精英等级。


  • 上面的内容有些复杂,其实简单总结一句话:不管你是什么等级,只要在活动期间住满10晚(不能在12月31日之后check-out),满10晚,你就可以获得到2019年2月过期的Explorist精英等级,住满20晚,你就可以获得2019年2月过期的Globalist精英等级。
  • 如果你在今年五月份看过牧羊场的经典文《【打赌你不知道】MGM Mlife等级“反向match“ 新World of Hyatt会员,你现在的等级应该是到2019年2月过期的Explorist精英等级。那么只要在四个月之内住满20晚,就可以轻松获得Globalist,凯悦酒店的最高等级。


1 The promotion is valid only for Hyatt Credit Cardmembers in good standing who receive this promotional offer from Hyatt and register for the promotion between August 28, 2017 and September 30, 2017.  To qualify for this offer, account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment.  A Hyatt Credit Cardmember may earn Explorist or Globalist status in the World of Hyatt program through February 2019 by completing a specified number of Tier-Qualifying Nights (as defined in the World of Hyatt program terms, available at worldofhyatt.com/terms) at any participating Hyatt hotel or resort worldwide.  Only stays completed between September 1, 2017 and December 30, 2017 (“Qualification Period”) will be eligible for this promotion.  To qualify for Globalist status, member must complete twenty (20) Tier-Qualifying Nights during the Qualification Period. To qualify for Explorist status, member must complete ten (10) Tier-Qualifying Nights during the Qualification Period. To earn credit towards this offer, member must check out of a reservation during the Qualification Period. If member checks into a reservation during the Qualification Period, but does not check out until after the Qualification Period has ended, (s)he will not earn credit towards this offer for any nights stayed as part of that reservation. Stays completed by member prior to the start of the Qualification Period will not count towards this offer (even if any night stayed otherwise qualifies as a “Tier-Qualifying Night” for purposes of the World of Hyatt program.)

Qualification Period may not be extended. If member earns a new elite status through this offer, his/her new status will be applied within 7 business days of checkout of the stay during which (s)he completes the applicable requirement. If a member has already earned a particular elite status in 2017, satisfying the above-described criteria to earn that same tier (or any lower tier) will not result in any extension of the member’s elite status or other benefit to the member.

Hyatt reserves the right to alter or withdraw this offer at any time without notice. This offer is subject to the complete terms and conditions of the World of Hyatt program, available at worldofhyatt.com/terms.

2 Qualifying nights are nights booked at an Eligible Rate defined in Appendix A (I:a:5) of the World of Hyatt Terms and Conditions. Qualifying dining, spa experiences and other qualifying charges can be either Eligible Incidental Charges or Eligible Non-Stay Charges as each term is defined in Appendix A (I:a:6 and I:b:1) of the World of Hyatt Terms and Conditions.

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